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How to get success


  • The greatest enemy of success is YOU.
  • Unless your mind changes, nothing changes.
  • Success is not something you achieve. It is somebody you become.
  • Anyone can be successful – if they can overcome FEAR and kill procrastination.
  • It is shocking how many people want to become successful without doing any work.
  • Money follows a successful person. It doesn’t make you successful.
  • The secret of success is hidden in books and old-school wisdom. Yet most people hate to read books. No wonder, few people are successful.
  • Don’t be average.
  • Even if you were born an average person, learn to do extraordinary things and you will achieve extraordinary results.
  • If you want to be successful, examine what everybody else is doing and do the opposite.
  • Don’t walk at the average pace. Thieves are always lazy.
  • Begin your day early. Wake up before everyone else. Some things are only available to early risers. And some things only happen at dawn.
  • Push your body into regular exercise. This will enhance your brain health, try to genrate new ideas.
  • Never allow your body to be comfortable. Put it to task, and it will carry you to old age. Sympathies with it and it will kill you before you get old.
  • Success is something you take by force. No one will give it to you freely.
  • To become successful, become someone of value.
  • To become successful, always deliver more than you’re expected to do.
  • Do not strive to make people happy. Strive to provide a solution.
  • If you’re in competition with others, it’s probably because you are beneath them.
  • Always eat well and have enough sleep. It will keep you healthy and happy.
  • The most successful person in the world is not the man or woman with the most money. If you have a good health then you are one of the successful person in the world/
  • In the U.S.A, you are considered successful if you’re a millionaire. In Africa you will considered successful if you have a large family.
  • Success is often infectious. Follow 7 successful people and you will be the average of them.
  • If you want to know a successful person, watch their conversation. The manifestation of success is inevitable.
  • Success is not something you’re born with. It is something you choose.
  • Successful people attract success. Success attracts successful people.
  • The opposite of success in not failure. The opposite of success is procrastination.
  • Successful people are not devoid of fear. They only have great courage.
  • The way of the successful is narrow and winded. Only a bunch of people follow it.
  • Successful people accumulate wisdom. Unsuccessful people accumulate material things.


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